It certainly was not in the cards that I was destined to become a hunter. My background did not indicate it, as my career literally took off with the airlines and most of the time I had my head above the clouds, on high heels, pouring coffee and mixing drinks. I have had both feet solidly planted on the ground since 1996 when I first began to hunt.


Perhaps it was determined by fate, since I realized my life was about to change, even before the wheels took the runway on this my first visit in 2004. Embraced by the warmth of South Africa, her people, scents and sounds, the bush with all its magic, her wildlife and her deep-red soil, well, this made an impact and surely  infected me with the African fever.

My vision

By contagious enthusiasm,  persuade anyone who is sceptical with regard to visiting the Continent, be it with a camera or a rifle. To pass on my accumulated knowledge gained from the 20 safaris, hunting and non-hunting I have done so far and to know that I may be a contributory cause to adventures that are too great to explain.

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